Our focus is advising customers how best to use systems to optimize their business processes. We offer a continuous care service aimed at ensuring optimum IT support for business processes in the company or organization.

Personal, on-site service is essential: only through tangible experience of customer processes can our consultants identify needs and determine appropriate solutions.


Comprehensive knowledge of our systems and the correct application of their functionality is a key factor in achieving user satisfaction. The deep process integration and continuous improvements that are deployed with every system release make training very important.

Not only do we train the endusers directly, but also the “multipliers” in the sense of “Train the Trainer” for countries where our systems are supplied via distribution partners.

Rollout and project management

During the rollout of one of our systems, we manage all aspects of the project for the customer – from overall coordination to system deployment.


Digilab Italia’s support team supports Italian users with in-depth product expertise and local market knowledge. And we speak automotive – so we can quickly and flexibly fulfil our customers’ requests. The in-depth knowledge and experience of the developers and system engineers at Porsche Informatik in Austria deliver third-level support promptly as needed.