Data protection declaration

Thank you for your interest in our company. It is very important to us that your privacy remains protected when you use our website ( This document therefore provides a detailed explanation of how we process your personal data. The entity responsible for the data processing described below is Digilab Italia S.R.L.. When using and processing personal data, Digilab Italia S.R.L. complies very closely with all relevant data protection legislation. Subject to the rights of the parties involved as set forth herein, Digilab Italia S.R.L. is entitled to use personal data and anonymous data to the extent permitted by law.

By this Privacy Statement, we would like to inform you concerning the nature of the personal data that are collected, used and processed by us, along with the scope and purpose of such processing. In addition, this Privacy Statement also provides data subjects with information concerning their rights.

This Data Protection Declaration applies only to ( and the associated sub-pages, and does not apply to websites which are monitored and operated by third parties. Please read the declarations of websites which are monitored and operated by third parties, since Digilab Italia S.R.L. does not monitor those websites and is not responsible for their content or data protection activities.

[1.] Data security

[1.1] To protect your data, Digilab Italia S.R.L. has taken suitable technical and organisational measures which, inter alia, protect your data against loss, manipulation or unauthorised access. The measures we take undergo regular review and are brought in line with the current state of the art on an ongoing basis. If the protection of your personal data is compromised in a manner which is likely to involve a high risk with regard to your rights and liberties, we will notify you immediately, if possible within 72 hours.

[2.] Use by minors

[2.1] We hereby explicitly state that processed personal data may only be used by persons over the age of 15. Use of systems and tools, and the resulting processing of data, is not permitted for persons below the age of 15 unless they have the consent of a parent or guardian. If such data do nonetheless undergo processing, we will cease processing of the data as soon as we become aware of the situation.

[3.] Gathering and processing of personal data

[3.1] Data provided by you
Data will be processed by us in accordance with the relevant data protection legislation in all cases. If you engage in correspondence with us or enter data in a form on our website, please note that the data which you enter in the form will be used for the purposes described below (see Sections [5] and [6]).

[4.] Partners

Digilab Italia S.R.L. does not carry out all processing of personal data itself; instead, it has support from professional partners, namely Porsche Informatik GmbH (headquarters: 5020 Salzburg), which performs activities on behalf of Digilab Italia. These partners were chosen very carefully, and they employ suitable technical and organisational measures to ensure that processing of your personal data complies with the relevant data protection legislation and that your rights are upheld. These partners are not permitted to use transferred personal data for their own purposes or advertising purposes, nor are they permitted to forward the data to third parties.
Furthermore, Digilab Italia does not forward data to third parties (e.g. address publishers or direct marketing companies).

[5.] Data Processing for which consent is not required

Detailed information on data processing for which consent is not required is provided below:
General contact form

  • Contact form (general request, application, information material, request, compliment and critism, other): when you send the contact form, your personal data in the following categories* will undergo processing (contact and identification data, freely entered text (i.e. text which is not standardised text)).
  • Purpose: to provide a response to your enquiry.
  • Justification: legitimate interest in being able to process and respond reliably to your individual enquiry.
  • Storage period: 12 months

*The exact data fields are: forename, family name, company, street, postcode, location, country, telephone, text field of request

[6.] Cookies and social plug-ins

[6.1] We use cookies to gather data automatically. A cookie is a small text file which stores web settings. Almost every website uses cookies technology. The file is downloaded by your web browser when you first visit the website. When you next visit that website using the same device, the cookie along with the information stored in it is either sent back to the website which generated it (first-party cookie) or sent to another website to which it belongs (third-party cookie). This allows the website to determine that it has already been accessed before via the browser in question, and in some cases it then varies the displayed content.

[6.2] For more information on the cookies used on our website, see Use of Cookies.

 [7.] Rights of the parties involved

Your rights with regard to data processing are as follows:

[7.1] Right to information: you are entitled to request a notification indicating whether and to what extent personal data about you are undergoing processing.

[7.2] Right to correction: if we process incomplete or incorrect personal data about you, you are entitled at any time to demand that the data be corrected or rendered complete. If you have set up a user account, you are entitled to access your personal data at any time and correct them or add to them yourself. Furthermore, you are entitled to close your user account at any time.

[7.3] Right to delete: under any of the following circumstances you are entitled to demand that your personal data be deleted: the reason for which the data were gathered no longer applies; unlawful data processing has occurred; the data processing disproportionately infringes upon your justified interests; or the data processing is based on your consent and you have revoked that consent. However, please bear in mind that there may be other reasons which may prevent immediate deletion of your data (e.g. statutory mandatory storage; pending legal proceedings; assertion, exercise or defence of legal claims).

[7.4] Right to place constraints on processing: under any of the following circumstances you are entitled to demand that constraints be placed on processing of your data:
you dispute the accuracy of the data, for a period of time that allows us to check whether the data are accurate;
processing of your data is unlawful, but you do not want your data to be deleted and instead would prefer that constraints be placed on how the data are used;
we no longer need the data for the purpose in question, but you still need the data in order to assert, exercise or defend legal claims;
you have submitted an objection to processing of the data.

[7.5] Right to transferability of data: you are entitled to demand that the data supplied by you be provided to you by us in a standard, structured, machine-readable format, insofar as we are processing the data based on your consent or in order to fulfil an agreement between us and the processing is being carried out via automated methods.

[7.6] Right to submit an objection: if we process your data in order to perform tasks which are in the public interest or in order to exercise official authority, or if, when processing the data, we invoke the need to uphold our legitimate interests, you may submit an objection to the processing of the data, insofar as you have predominant justified interests in your data. You may object at any time to the sending of advertising materials without having to give reasons.

[7.7] Right to submit a complaint: if you believe that when processing your data we are in breach of Austrian or European data protection law and thereby infringing your rights, please get in touch so that we can clarify the matter. Naturally you are also entitled to submit a complaint to the Austrian Data Protection Authority or a European supervisory authority.
[8.8] Right to revoke: at any time you may revoke any consent which you have given, independently of all other statements of consent. If you revoke your consent, from that date on we will cease processing your data for the purposes indicated in the statement of consent, and hence we will no longer be able to benefit from the rights, advantages etc.
You may invoke any of these rights directly by contacting Digilab Italia S.R.L. (e-mail:

[8.] Contact information

Digilab Italia S.R.L.

Anton Spitzer, data protection officer

Louise-Piëch-Straße 9, 5020 Salzburg

T +43 662 4670-0